Fruit feast day 1

Day 1 of 31 of the fruit feast. I’m so excited. I got over zealous and tried to buy all the fruit. 

I got strawberries, blueberries, 2 cantaloupes, 2 watermelons, 3 dragon fruits (I’ve never had those) 2 bags of blood oranges, 11 papayas, a case of mangoes and a case of young Thai coconuts for coconut water. 

I started the day with a table spoon of papaya seeds. Papya seeds are known to kill parasites. For more information click here.
After that I had some coconut water. I made a blueberry juice, sliced papya for lunch, some mangoes and another papaya just in case I’m still hungry at work. 
Chewing is going to be weird after being on a 114 day juice cleanse, but fruit is hydrating, cleansing and healing. I feel this is the best way to transition to a raw vegan lifestyle.
The one frustrating thing about this transition is trying to explain to people the health benefits and answering all the questions (is fruit nutritious?, how will you get protein?, and so on). 
I had an awkward moment at lunch when I noticed my coworkers standing around my desk waiting for me to take a bite of my papaya, like I forgot how to chew or something.
For dinner I had watermelon, squeezed some lime juice on it and sprinkled some cayenne pepper over it. The taste was amazing! I got the idea from watching The Raw Boy on YouTube.

Day 1 was good. I didn’t have any stomach upset and I found a new way to enjoy watermelon.
I will be blogging daily about the fruit feast. 
If you would like to join me, sign up to the blog and leave a comment. 

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Raw vegan newbie chronicles #8

I ate cooked food. It’s funny because as I’m writing it I feel like I’ve committed a deadly sin.

I’m supposed to be on a 31 day fruit feast this month. I broke up with my boyfriend of almost two years on July 2nd and I’ve been soothing my sorrows with food. 

Today 7/12/17, is the only day I’ve eaten cooked food. Up until now I’ve been binging on avocados with olives and hearts of palm. 

I’m mad at myself for one, turning to food for comfort (I’ve been feeling very uncomfortable lately because I’m overeating), two I just did my very first water fast for nine days last month and I felt amazing (the mental clarity I gained from the fast is what led me to let go of a relationship that I haven’t been happy in for months).

Anyway, what’s done is done and I have the power to make better choices. I chose the raw vegan lifestyle not only for the physical benefits but for the mental benefits. I cope with life better on a raw food diet. I don’t sink into deep depressions like I used to. I like the simplicity of being raw and food not being a “thing “. 

I’m going to channel my emotions in a more positive way. I wrote this poem about my relationship.

No passion in our kiss 

I no longer see our future in your gaze 

I feel a wall of contention and not to mention we don’t talk, just text these days 

The magnetic energy that brought us together the polarity has now shifted and we repel each other emotionally 

The love switch has been turned off and now we are in the dark trying to feel our way through this relationship 

Refusing to seek help from vulnerability, we let pride and ego guide us out of the darkness only to lead us to confusion and heartache 

On opposing sides we are now enemies instead of allies still in the dark 

Hind sight comes and sheds some light that explains it all 

The outcome is the same when we play love like a game, half in because we’re afraid to fall 

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Raw vegan newbie chronicles #7

The aftermath

Read Raw vegan newbie chronicles #5 to see how this all started 


This blog is about bodily functions. I won’t get too graphic but the subject matter may not be for everyone.

I have had very bad flatulence for the past week or so due to my over indulging in nut based raw foods.

I’m not used to clearing isles with foul smelling butt bombs, but that’s what I’ve been doing lately. It’s so embarrassing. 

It’s not that I have been eating an occasional nut based product, I’ve been eating nut cheese and flaxseed crackers damn near every night for about a month.

Because I’m taxing my digestive system so much I’ve been tired and lethargic.

Although I’ve been sticking to a raw vegan diet, the nut cheeses and raw crackers I’ve been buying at the store and eating are still processed foods and contain ingredients that I don’t really want to eat in large quantities like oils and salt.

I can really tell the difference between now and how I felt during the fruit feast I did in March.  It’s like night and day. 

I felt effervescent during the fruit feast. I felt clean and efficient. I had energy and I didn’t have cravings. I felt more in tune with my body.  My digestion was awesome.

Now I feel heavy mentally and physically. I’ve lost the ability to determine hunger from cravings. I don’t feel as clean or healthy.  I hit these plateaus during the day where I’m tired and want to sleep and my digestion is f’ed up.

I’m going to get back to eating a fruitarian diet. I now realize it’s the best for my body and overall well being.

June 5, 2017-June 30, 2017 I’m going to do another juice cleanse so I can reset my body, get my digestion back on track and cleanse my palette. 

After that I’m going to participate in the 31- day fruit feast hosted by Orvel Douglas in July. 

I don’t regret the turn my raw vegan diet has taken lately. I’ve gotten to try some really delicious foods and I’ve learned what I need to eat for me to feel my best mind body and spirit. For me that’s a fruitarian lifestyle.

Join me on this journey back to better health.

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Raw vegan newbie chronicles #6

On Monday 5/8/17 I went out to dinner to celebrate a co-workers birthday. Needless to say I wasn’t eating fruit for dinner but I ate fruit throughout the day.

I started with fresh squeezed orange juice. I’d rather drink oranges than eat them. I got 20 oranges for $5.00 at the Asian market. They were in the ripe fruit section.

I snacked on a couple of kiwis that weren’t completely ripe. Then for lunch I had papaya.

For dinner we went to Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill. I was able to get all of the stir fry vegetables raw and I got some peanut sauce to put on top of them. It was delicious and I scarfed it down because I was starving!

I did have edamame with my vegetables which is steamed so it’s not fully raw. 

I want to try making my own peanut sauce and having this Asian vegetable salad with mung bean sprouts instead of edamame.

I’ve really blown it on this months fruit feast. I’ve been good through lunch but around dinner time I’m eating everything but fruit. I’m going to try and do better the rest of this month.

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Raw vegan newbie chronicles #5

I found a great vegan restaurant in my area that serves raw vegan dishes as well. The food there is delicious. Needless to say I’ve tried almost every raw vegan dish on their menu:

Cashew cheese wrap 

Cashew cheese dip with vegetables 

Zucchini alfredo 

Sweet potato sage burger with cashew cream cheese on zucchini bread 

See a pattern here….Nuts.

Nuts are not something I want as a staple in my raw vegan lifestyle. I see why raw vegan veterans warn against eating too many nuts, especially when they are used in gourmet raw recipes. It can become addictive, or maybe it’s just me. 

I’m not going to stop eating nuts all together, I will just save foods like these for special occasions. 

I am supposed to be participating in a 31 day fruit feast this month, but I haven’t been following the rules. 

I just moved into a new place so I haven’t had a chance to go shopping but starting Monday, May 8th, I’m going to get back on track.

I have been starting my day with fruit. I have fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning I’ve been snacking on tangerines and I eat a melon for lunch.

It’s dinner where I go nuts (pun intended).

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Raw vegan chronicles #4

Salt is the enemy!



Life force


After my last encounter with salt, I have been trying to be better about not adding salt to my food but I didn’t realize how salt sensitive I really am. 

I’ve had a small obsession with Brad’s veggie chips. They are so good, they are raw vegan and made with good ingredients.

The cheddar are my favorite and contain a good amount of salt per serving (I think about 219mg). Each bag contains about three servings and I eat a whole bag in one sitting.

Well it was that time of the month and I decided to eat about three bags in one day. For the next three days I was dealing with this:

My entire legs were swollen and I was scared. 

So I stopped eating and drank water for the next 24 hours and everything returned to normal.

It’s my fault for overindulging. I know I’m going to make mistakes on this journey of raw veganism, but as long as I learn something from them it’s all a part of the process.

I am looking forward to getting a dehydrator so I can make salt free versions of the veggie chips.

I’ve been using salt alternatives like kelp flakes and dulse flakes in my meals and it is working well. I just have to be aware of foods I eat that I don’t prepare myself. Not that I want to get into the habit of buying convenience foods even if they are raw vegan.

Salt is not the monster I want to make it out to be. I need make better food choices and avoid giving into cravings.

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Raw vegan chronicles #3

Wait! This isn’t juice!

Dinner from three nights ago. Raw snow peas and snap peas dipped in avocado with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, Serrano pepper, garlic, shallots, parsley and celery. I soaked the peas in water with a little apple cider vinegar added.  It gave them a little salty taste.

I was really hungry and I didn’t want juice. I know I have a tendency to make declarations and then change my mind but I’m still learning on this raw vegan journey and I’m going to listen to my body.

I’m rebounding in the morning so adding exercise would increase my appetite. 

I kept the recipe salt free. I’m still going to be easy on the fats. I love avocado and it’s been good to me.

This was not my intended dinner. I really wanted some raw okra with sirracha sauce. They didn’t have fresh okra at the store near me so I decided to go with the peas and avocado dip.

I did find some okra the next day. I sprinkled some seasoning on it: smoked paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast, cayenne pepper and Frontier brand salt fee seasoning blend. I ate them like chips. 

I have a confession to make. I gained two pounds last week. It was excess water weight from all the salt I was consuming. That was one of the reasons I decided to go back to juicing. 

I have recently lost over 61 pounds. I freaked out over the weight gain (even though I know where it came from) and my first mind was to go back to juicing. Not that it is a bad thing it’s just that I don’t want to be afraid to eat food and develop an eating disorder over a couple of pounds. 

I have an all or nothing personality and tend to be real strict on one side or the other when my goal is to find balance in my life.

I realize that this is what this raw vegan journey is about, trying different foods until I find the balance that works for me.

As long as I am eating raw fruits and vegetables  and not the processed vegan foods that I use to eat, I don’t have to worry about waking up one morning back at 206 pounds (I had a nightmare about that).

I want to enjoy this new lifestyle choice, not be afraid of it.

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Raw vegan newbie chronicles #1

I figured I will keep blogging about my raw vegan journey. I’m new to it so I’m bound to make mistakes, why not document them. 
I started the day with a green juice that had a bunch of celery, one lemon, 2 cloves of garlic, a broccoli stalk and some cayenne pepper.

For lunch I had zucchini noodles with an avocado sauce:
Zucchini noodles with olives, hearts of palm, sun dried tomatoes, and chopped scallions.
For the avocado sauce I blended 1 avocado with lemon juice from 1/2 of a lemon, 1 celery stalk, 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 of a golden tomato, chopped leaks, nutritional yeast, Trader Joe’s 21 season salute. I sprinkled kelp seasoning, ground pepper and dill weed on top. Delicious 😋

I tasted the zucchini noodles before adding the sauce and it tasted really good. Although I liked the dish, honestly I feel it would have been better if I just chopped up half of the avocado and put it in with the noodles and other ingredients. 

I think the sauce would have been better if I just used half of the avocado. I’m trying not to use salt but I can tell it’s missing. I just have to find a healthier substitute. I do have Himalayan pink salt but I hear both good and bad about it. I’m going to try dulse flakes as a salt substitute and see how I like it.

I’m considering going back to juicing for this month, maybe not the whole month, I haven’t decided yet. I really feel I introduced fats back into my diet too soon and I over did it. 

My digestion is really taking a beating. I feel like I need a colonic or at least an enema.  

I think another thing is during the fruit feast I was eating a lot of mono meals and now I’m combining all these vegetables together with sauce and although the end product is delicious, my digestion isn’t prepared. 

I want to remain mostly fruitarian and get my greens in the form of green juices and smoothies. I don’t want to get caught up with complicated meals with multiple ingredients. Simple one or two ingredient meals are better for my digestion. 

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Raw vegan newbie chronicles #2

My last meal.

I had some coconut meat that I froze from the 31 day fruit feast. I made ceviche a couple of days with some of it.

It was amazing! 

I decided to used the rest of the coconut meat to make an alfredo sauce. I blended:

  • Coconut meat 
  • The scraps from 3 spiralized zucchini 
  • Juice from 1/2 of a lemon 
  • 2 garlic cloves 
  • Nutritional yeast 
  • Italian seasoning 
  • Ground black pepper 
  • Pink Himalayan salt 

I sprinkled basil and more ground black pepper on after adding the sauce to the zoodles.

This smelled so good. 

Why is this my last meal? I’m going to be juicing for rest of this month. 

Although I’ve been enjoying my zoodle dishes, I have really overdone it on fat and salt and it’s taking a toll on my body and I need a reset before things get out of hand. 

Like I said in my last post, I introduced fats too soon back into my diet. As for salt, I really had no intention of eating salt of any kind again. I was going to invest in salt alternatives like dulse. Also I’ve been adding olives, hearts of palm and even capers to my zoodles. I know I know not a good idea. My body has let me know it’s not happy with my latest food choices.

My feet are swollen 😢

I made some newbie mistakes coming off the fruit feast. I need to reset my system and start over. There are other reasons for me juicing the rest of the month.

  1. To refocus. I’m going through a few transitions in my life and I am stressing over them. I’m moving to a new position at work and I’m moving to a new place. Which brings me to number two.
  2. To save money. I find that it is easier to stay on budget when I’m juicing. I know what I need to buy and where to get the best prices.
  3. To simplify. The whole process of juicing is simple and straightforward 

I could just cut fat and salt from my diet and continue my raw vegan newbie journey. To be honest, with everything that’s going on, I don’t want to think about eating right now.

There’s another 31 day fruit feast starting in May that I plan to participate in again. This time the focus is going to be on simplicity. I’m also going to exercise this time around.

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31 Day fruit feast recap

Looking back on the past 31 days, I am happy I participated and I plan to eat a mostly fruitarian diet. There are a few things I wish I would have done differently.

  1. I would have started the day with a juice. When I started the fruit feast I had just come off of a 114 day juice cleanse. I feel like having a juice in the morning would have been something my body was used to. I felt like I shocked my system a little bit. Plus I wanted to keep juicing a daily part of my diet.
  2. I would have exercised more. I really didn’t start exercising until the last week of the fruit feast. Daily exercise was one of the rules of the feast. I just never got started until the last week. Daily exercise would have helped move more toxins out of my body, get my lymphatic system moving and help me tone.
  3. I would have not tried durian. I love durian and I’m glad I tried it, I just wish I hadn’t tried it during the fruit feast because of the fat content and how eating it noticeably slowed down my digestion.
  4. I would have been more practical with my fruit shopping. I bought a few things just because I could buy them in bulk for a reasonable price like the case of blueberries and the bananas. 
  5. I would have planned my meals better. There were times I found myself hungry and those are the times when I made rash decisions and bought durian.

I really enjoyed being on fruit for 31 days. I like how uncomplicated it is. Fruit is filling and sweet and most of the time you just grab and go.

So for the first day after the fruit feast I started the day with fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice. I snacked on jackfruit and I had some durian that wasn’t very good. For dinner I decided to make a zucchini noodle dish. 

I spiralized two zucchini and added

  • Olives 
  • Sundries tomatoes
  • Leaks
  • Broccoli 
  • Hearts of palm
  • Fresh dill 
  • Trader Joe’s 21 spice salute 

For the sauce I blended together 

  • The zucchini scraps 
  • 2 short celery ribs
  • 1/2 of a golden tomato 
  • Two cloves of garlic 
  • Some nutritional yeast 
  • 4 soaked sukkary dates
  • Lemon juice (I used the juice of one lemon and it was way too much)
  • 1/2 of a small shallot
  • 2 garlic cloves 
  • Cayenne pepper 

    Then I combined it all together.

    It smelled amazing! Like I stated, I used way too much lemon juice so the sauce had a tangy flavor that overpowered everything else. The dish still tasted good and I’m going to make again tomorrow with a few tweaks.

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