Fruit feast day 1

Day 1 of 31 of the fruit feast. I’m so excited. I got over zealous and tried to buy all the fruit. 

I got strawberries, blueberries, 2 cantaloupes, 2 watermelons, 3 dragon fruits (I’ve never had those) 2 bags of blood oranges, 11 papayas, a case of mangoes and a case of young Thai coconuts for coconut water. 

I started the day with a table spoon of papaya seeds. Papya seeds are known to kill parasites. For more information click here.
After that I had some coconut water. I made a blueberry juice, sliced papya for lunch, some mangoes and another papaya just in case I’m still hungry at work. 
Chewing is going to be weird after being on a 114 day juice cleanse, but fruit is hydrating, cleansing and healing. I feel this is the best way to transition to a raw vegan lifestyle.
The one frustrating thing about this transition is trying to explain to people the health benefits and answering all the questions (is fruit nutritious?, how will you get protein?, and so on). 
I had an awkward moment at lunch when I noticed my coworkers standing around my desk waiting for me to take a bite of my papaya, like I forgot how to chew or something.
For dinner I had watermelon, squeezed some lime juice on it and sprinkled some cayenne pepper over it. The taste was amazing! I got the idea from watching The Raw Boy on YouTube.

Day 1 was good. I didn’t have any stomach upset and I found a new way to enjoy watermelon.
I will be blogging daily about the fruit feast. 
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Breaking my water fast, the aftermath 

I did a 16 day water fast from August 16th-31st. I had done a 9 day water fast in June and I broke the fast with salty dry foods and I ended up on a month long cooked food run.

I promised myself that this time I would break my fast in a healthy safe way.  It didn’t happen and I have to take a trip to the doctors office as a result.

The first day after my fast I drank coconut water and ate some watermelon. The second day I was attending my sister’s bridal shower. It was being held at a restaurant and I debated whether I would bring my own food or order a salad off their menu. Not to look like the odd man out, I decided to order a salad with no dressing. The salad was small and it had olives on it. I love olives but they are salty little devils!

I was still hungry after leaving the shower and instead of eating some fruit I ordered an avocado salad from my favorite Ethiopian restaurant. I ate the whole thing despite the fact I was full after a few bites. 

I tried to do better and ate mostly fruit the next day, but my savory senses had been turned on and I was back to salty food. I made a raw vegan ceviche using hearts of palm, red and yellow peppers, jalapeño, olives and red onion. I bought some dehydrated crackers and went to town. This is what I ate for three days straight. 

A couple of days later, I woke up like this:

Needless to say I was concerned and I tried to drink more water, but knowing I had messed up again breaking my fast, I got depressed and turned to food for comfort and punishment. 14 days after breaking my fast my body started to retain fluid. I swole up from my face to my feet. My legs are tight and heavy, my side is hurting and my stomach is distended.

I feel horrible and I am so mad at myself for letting this happen. I now have to visit the doctor to make sure I didn’t do any serious damage to my body.

My sister’s wedding is this Sunday. I’m a bridesmaid and my dress doesn’t fit and my feet are so swollen I can’t get them in my shoes. 

My lessons learned: 

  • Breaking a fast is as important if not more important than the fast itself. 
  • Food addiction is real. 
  • I have to learn another coping mechanism for my emotions.

Water fast day 16

August 31, 2017 The last day of the water fast. I can tell I’ve lost weight but since I wasn’t keeping track of my weight I don’t know how much.

I felt good today. I bought a yellow flesh watermelon and a young Thai coconut to break my fast. I’m going to start my day with coconut water and eat some watermelon.

This time when I break this fast I’m going to pay attention to my hunger and eat until I’m satisfied instead of eating because I haven’t eaten in a while.

Tomorrow starts the 30 day fruit feast. I’m looking forward to eating some of my favorite fruits and trying new ones.

What I’ve learned from this fast:

  • Rest is very important if you’re going to do an extended fast
  • It’s important to have an enema or colonic to remove toxins 
  • Emotional stress can interfere with healing 

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Water fast day 14 & 15

August 29, 2017. Day 14 I’ve finally figured out that it’s the air conditioning in my building is the reason why my nose has been running. 

I’ve also realized that my lack of energy isn’t all physical. A lot has been going on with my family that has been draining me emotionally and I haven’t been protecting my energy and setting boundaries. 

Out of the blue I broke down in tears. I feel like I need to get away and turn my phone off for a few days and reboot.

August 30, 2017. Day 15 I’ve noticed a water fast is not only for physical cleansing but emotional cleansing as well. I am not truly happy and I’ve been masking it by shopping, being available to others and focusing on things outside of myself. The moment I admitted that I wasn’t happy the tears started streaming down my face. 

I want to go away somewhere, turn off the phone disconnect from all media and outside distractions and focus inward. 

Since I can’t afford to go to a secluded island, I’m going to have to take a weekend and do it.

One thing I’ve learned about doing a water fast for this amount of time is that rest is key. The next time I decide to do a water fast I will make sure that I don’t do anything but rest so my body can heal properly.

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Water fast day 12 & 13

August 27, 2017. Day 12 I was exhausted. It was the first day of my cycle. I still ran some errands and went to bed early.  Other than that I felt ok.

August 28, 2017. Day 13 I felt better today. A comment was made about how much weight I’ve lost. I haven’t confided in anyone about my fast to avoid any negativity.

I have to admit I am surprised that I’ve gone this long. I have three days to go. I guess I have to start thinking about breaking the fast. I don’t want to repeat the mistakes I’ve made after my last water fast.

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Water fast day 10 & 11

August 25, 2017. Day 10 the day started with me having a coated tongue and that same nasty taste in my mouth. When I got to work I had a lot of mucus in my nose and I was blowing it a lot. I don’t know if it was detox or the fact they keep the air on freezer at my job. 

When I got home I gave myself an enema. It really took a lot out of me literally and figuratively. Not to get to graphic, what came out was brown, slimy and smelled like death. I was so exhausted afterwards I went straight to bed.

August 26, 2017. Day 11 I woke up with a coated tongue but no nasty taste. 

I have no energy. Since I started this fast I’ve been doing nothing but running around and not getting proper rest. It has caught up with me today.  So I’m going to listen to my body and rest.

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Water fast day 9

August 24, 2017. I think I’ve figured out why I wake up with this nasty taste in my mouth. I haven’t been eliminating. My last water fast I did an enema and I didn’t have this issue.

I it makes sense really. If nothing is going in, then nothing is coming out so all the toxins are building up inside my colon.

That could also explain the low energy I’ve been experiencing. Other than that I feel good. Day 9 is when I ended my last water fast and I am looking forward to continuing this one hopefully until the end of the month. 

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Water fast day 7 & 8

August 22, 2017.  Day 7 I woke up this morning with a white coated tongue and a bad taste in my mouth. It was gross 

I had good energy. I took a walk on my lunch break.

It’s difficult and annoying trying to explain to people why I am not eating. I either get declarations of concern or “that’s crazy you are supposed to eat “. 

So I’ve resorted to telling people I’m not hungry, I’ve had a big breakfast or I just ate.

I like the idea of not having to worry about what I’m going to eat, planning meals and being overly obsessed with food.

August 23, 2017. Day 8 My breath stinks. I don’t know if other people notice it but I notice it. I only have myself to blame since I’ve been on a one month cooked food run that included way to many processed foods.    Body odors are to be expected during a fast.  

My energy level is low, but I haven’t been able to rest like I feel I need to. I’ve also had a runny nose and pain on the left side of my back under the shoulder blade. 

I’m eager to get to day 10. That will surpass my last water fast of 9 days.

My thoughts at clearer and I’m experiencing things differently. I’m starting to see some members of my family as human beings and not as their relationship to me. It has been very eye opening.

The past two days have had their challenges but all things are running smoothly.

Water fast day 6

August 21, 2017. I woke up with a slightly sore throat. My nose has been running a little. Other than that I feel good. 

I have to admit I’m thinking about all the things I’m going to eat when I break this fast like I did in the beginning. I plan to break the fast with coconut water and watermelon.

I had a metal taste in my mouth the first three days. Lately it’s been a slight salty taste. It goes away when I drink water.

I’m trying to stay in the moment and listen to my body. I think I’m going to do some meditation in the evenings to release the stressors of the day. All in all, so far so good!

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Water fast day 4 & 5

August 19th & 20th

Day 4. I planned on doing nothing but rest, but that didn’t work out, but I have been very productive and taken care of some things I’ve been putting off.

I didn’t mention in my previous posts that I have been rebounding for 5 minutes each morning to get my lymphatic system moving.

I stood up too fast and got a little dizzy, but nothing major. 

When I’m fasting I have a bad habit of watching vegan recipe videos on YouTube it doesn’t really make me hungry. I guess I’m eating with my eyes.

Day 5. Another busy day. I wanted to rest. I’ve been feeling various pains and tingling in certain parts of my body. I assume those are areas where my body is healing.

I drink distilled water during my fast. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that. My energy is ok and I’m sailing along through this process.

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