Fruit feast day 2

Started the day with a tablespoon of papaya seeds. Side note: I really like the taste of papaya seeds. They have a peppery taste. I read that you can dehydrate them and use them as a pepper substitute. They even look like peppercorns.

After that I had some coconut water. I’m going to have blood orange juice for breakfast (pictured above) papaya for lunch and dragon fruit for dinner. I have mangoes to snack on throughout the day.

Well my plans changed. I ended up having a cantaloupe and watermelon for lunch and papya for dinner. I have to eat the mangoes before they go bad so I think I’ll do a mango Island tomorrow.
I bought a lot of my fruit already ripe and I don’t want it to go to waste. I ate a lot more today than yesterday.
 I have to be honest with myself and admit that part of me is afraid of gaining back the 56 pounds I have lost on my juice cleanse. Intellectually I know that this is an irrational fear but one I have to face. The last thing I want to create is a phobia of eating. Raw fruits and vegetables are healthy and healing. Processed foods are addictive and fattening. So as long as I don’t consume the latter I’ll be fine.
After this first week on the fruit feast I plan to incorporate a yoga practice for mental clarity and balance.
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