Fruit feast day 15

A jackfruit smoothie is how I started my day. I snacked in some tamarind I bought yesterday when I was hungry. I like tamarind but only in small doses. It’s too sweet for me. I ended up sharing most of it with my coworkers. 

I bought a new variety of papaya at my local Latin grocery store and ate it for lunch (the one on top). It was perfect.

I stopped at the Asian market after work to see if they had some new fruits I’ve never had. I got some guava. I don’t think I picked good ones though 

I got a good deal on a case of mangoes and coconuts.

Mango coconut water smoothies!

Side note: when I was at the Asian market waiting for an employee to bring me a case of coconuts, I saw a tank full of live fish. They were all crowded up. The fish on the top were moving frantically and the fish on the bottom of the tank were barely moving.  It broke my heart to see it and I felt bad that I used to participate in the needless suffering of animals. It really seems so pointless.

So I’ve been thinking about my next transition after this month is over. With my quest for new fruits skewing my focus. I haven’t really gotten the hang of this raw vegan thing as far as shopping. I honestly can’t afford to keep up the way I’ve been doing. So I have to concentrate more on the practicality of this lifestyle than the nostalgia.

Watermelon and guava for my last meal. The guava wasn’t ripe and I couldn’t eat it.

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