Raw vegan chronicles #4

Salt is the enemy!



Life force


After my last encounter with salt, I have been trying to be better about not adding salt to my food but I didn’t realize how salt sensitive I really am. 

I’ve had a small obsession with Brad’s veggie chips. They are so good, they are raw vegan and made with good ingredients.

The cheddar are my favorite and contain a good amount of salt per serving (I think about 219mg). Each bag contains about three servings and I eat a whole bag in one sitting.

Well it was that time of the month and I decided to eat about three bags in one day. For the next three days I was dealing with this:

My entire legs were swollen and I was scared. 

So I stopped eating and drank water for the next 24 hours and everything returned to normal.

It’s my fault for overindulging. I know I’m going to make mistakes on this journey of raw veganism, but as long as I learn something from them it’s all a part of the process.

I am looking forward to getting a dehydrator so I can make salt free versions of the veggie chips.

I’ve been using salt alternatives like kelp flakes and dulse flakes in my meals and it is working well. I just have to be aware of foods I eat that I don’t prepare myself. Not that I want to get into the habit of buying convenience foods even if they are raw vegan.

Salt is not the monster I want to make it out to be. I need make better food choices and avoid giving into cravings.

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