Raw vegan newbie chronicles #5

I found a great vegan restaurant in my area that serves raw vegan dishes as well. The food there is delicious. Needless to say I’ve tried almost every raw vegan dish on their menu:

Cashew cheese wrap 

Cashew cheese dip with vegetables 

Zucchini alfredo 

Sweet potato sage burger with cashew cream cheese on zucchini bread 

See a pattern here….Nuts.

Nuts are not something I want as a staple in my raw vegan lifestyle. I see why raw vegan veterans warn against eating too many nuts, especially when they are used in gourmet raw recipes. It can become addictive, or maybe it’s just me. 

I’m not going to stop eating nuts all together, I will just save foods like these for special occasions. 

I am supposed to be participating in a 31 day fruit feast this month, but I haven’t been following the rules. 

I just moved into a new place so I haven’t had a chance to go shopping but starting Monday, May 8th, I’m going to get back on track.

I have been starting my day with fruit. I have fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning I’ve been snacking on tangerines and I eat a melon for lunch.

It’s dinner where I go nuts (pun intended).

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