Raw vegan newbie chronicles #6

On Monday 5/8/17 I went out to dinner to celebrate a co-workers birthday. Needless to say I wasn’t eating fruit for dinner but I ate fruit throughout the day.

I started with fresh squeezed orange juice. I’d rather drink oranges than eat them. I got 20 oranges for $5.00 at the Asian market. They were in the ripe fruit section.

I snacked on a couple of kiwis that weren’t completely ripe. Then for lunch I had papaya.

For dinner we went to Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill. I was able to get all of the stir fry vegetables raw and I got some peanut sauce to put on top of them. It was delicious and I scarfed it down because I was starving!

I did have edamame with my vegetables which is steamed so it’s not fully raw. 

I want to try making my own peanut sauce and having this Asian vegetable salad with mung bean sprouts instead of edamame.

I’ve really blown it on this months fruit feast. I’ve been good through lunch but around dinner time I’m eating everything but fruit. I’m going to try and do better the rest of this month.

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