Raw vegan newbie chronicles #7

The aftermath

Read Raw vegan newbie chronicles #5 to see how this all started 


This blog is about bodily functions. I won’t get too graphic but the subject matter may not be for everyone.

I have had very bad flatulence for the past week or so due to my over indulging in nut based raw foods.

I’m not used to clearing isles with foul smelling butt bombs, but that’s what I’ve been doing lately. It’s so embarrassing. 

It’s not that I have been eating an occasional nut based product, I’ve been eating nut cheese and flaxseed crackers damn near every night for about a month.

Because I’m taxing my digestive system so much I’ve been tired and lethargic.

Although I’ve been sticking to a raw vegan diet, the nut cheeses and raw crackers I’ve been buying at the store and eating are still processed foods and contain ingredients that I don’t really want to eat in large quantities like oils and salt.

I can really tell the difference between now and how I felt during the fruit feast I did in March.  It’s like night and day. 

I felt effervescent during the fruit feast. I felt clean and efficient. I had energy and I didn’t have cravings. I felt more in tune with my body.  My digestion was awesome.

Now I feel heavy mentally and physically. I’ve lost the ability to determine hunger from cravings. I don’t feel as clean or healthy.  I hit these plateaus during the day where I’m tired and want to sleep and my digestion is f’ed up.

I’m going to get back to eating a fruitarian diet. I now realize it’s the best for my body and overall well being.

June 5, 2017-June 30, 2017 I’m going to do another juice cleanse so I can reset my body, get my digestion back on track and cleanse my palette. 

After that I’m going to participate in the 31- day fruit feast hosted by Orvel Douglas in July. 

I don’t regret the turn my raw vegan diet has taken lately. I’ve gotten to try some really delicious foods and I’ve learned what I need to eat for me to feel my best mind body and spirit. For me that’s a fruitarian lifestyle.

Join me on this journey back to better health.

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