Raw vegan newbie chronicles #9 Cooked food month 

So I’ve been on a cooked vegan food run for a month now. If you live in the Cleveland Ohio area, check out some or all of the restaurants mentioned in this post.

It all started with a falafel salad I got at Raving Med a Mediterranean Street food restaurant.


The picture below is not of the actual salad but it looks appetizing.

There wasn’t any particular reason for me starting on this cooked food run other than being hungry and partly curious.

I tried the Beyond Burger (several times) with pretzel buns, follow your heart pepper jack cheese and just mayo chipotle spread. They were delicious! Whole Foods carries them already cooked in their prepared foods section.

I decided to support local vegan restaurants  during this foodie run like Poisen Berry Bakery. I got a mint chocolate cupcake, a mocha cupcake and an apple critter.


I got lunch one day at an all vegan food truck, the Wild Spork. Buffalo ranch tater tots and a pizza grilled “cheese” sandwich.


Poison Berry Bakery also had a pop up pizza event I participated in. Pictured above is the vegan meat lovers. I also got mozzarella sticks.

www.clevelandvegan.com Also had a pizza night. I got a loaded taco pizza and a simple garlic herb pizza. I shared the pizzas with my daughter.

I didn’t think of taking pictures of the pizzas until after I ate them.

On my vegan foodie run, I had Ethiopian food for the first time. I love the avocado salad which is actually raw (if you don’t eat the injera bread). I went to Empress Taytu Ethiopian restaurant. http://empresstayturestaurantcleveland.com/ 

My best friend came in town for the weekend of August 4th and I had Vegan chocolate chip waffles at Johnny Mango 


Country Pad Thai ( veganized) from Map of Thailand 


For my snacking pleasure I returned to an old favorite of mine, Boom Chicka Pop salted caramel popcorn.

I ended this foodie run with a vegan chorizo and potato sandwich at Melt Bar & Grilled 


In the beginning of this run I felt guilty about eating cooked food since my desire is to be raw vegan. I had to show myself compassion and not beat myself up for eating cooked foods. 

Everything was vegan and that’s what is most important to me.

I’m glad I satisfied my curiosity but I don’t feel as good as I’m used to feeling when I eat raw vegan. I appreciate eating raw vegan more because of this experience.  

I have an all or nothing personality and I’m glad I was able to be compassionate with myself and not beat myself up for eating cooked vegan food.

My goal is still to be raw vegan. This time I’ve spent in the cooked food arena has taught me a few things:

  • When I eat cooked food I’m hungry all the time 
  • I feel sluggish 
  • My mood is sullen 
  • I’m dehydrated 
  • My skin isn’t as clear 
  • Poor digestion and bloating 

I need a reboot. I think I’m going to do a water fast.

If you try any of the restaurants mentioned, please share your experience.

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