Water fast day 4 & 5

August 19th & 20th

Day 4. I planned on doing nothing but rest, but that didn’t work out, but I have been very productive and taken care of some things I’ve been putting off.

I didn’t mention in my previous posts that I have been rebounding for 5 minutes each morning to get my lymphatic system moving.

I stood up too fast and got a little dizzy, but nothing major. 

When I’m fasting I have a bad habit of watching vegan recipe videos on YouTube it doesn’t really make me hungry. I guess I’m eating with my eyes.

Day 5. Another busy day. I wanted to rest. I’ve been feeling various pains and tingling in certain parts of my body. I assume those are areas where my body is healing.

I drink distilled water during my fast. I don’t think I’ve mentioned that. My energy is ok and I’m sailing along through this process.

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