Water fast day 7 & 8

August 22, 2017.  Day 7 I woke up this morning with a white coated tongue and a bad taste in my mouth. It was gross 

I had good energy. I took a walk on my lunch break.

It’s difficult and annoying trying to explain to people why I am not eating. I either get declarations of concern or “that’s crazy you are supposed to eat “. 

So I’ve resorted to telling people I’m not hungry, I’ve had a big breakfast or I just ate.

I like the idea of not having to worry about what I’m going to eat, planning meals and being overly obsessed with food.

August 23, 2017. Day 8 My breath stinks. I don’t know if other people notice it but I notice it. I only have myself to blame since I’ve been on a one month cooked food run that included way to many processed foods.    Body odors are to be expected during a fast.  

My energy level is low, but I haven’t been able to rest like I feel I need to. I’ve also had a runny nose and pain on the left side of my back under the shoulder blade. 

I’m eager to get to day 10. That will surpass my last water fast of 9 days.

My thoughts at clearer and I’m experiencing things differently. I’m starting to see some members of my family as human beings and not as their relationship to me. It has been very eye opening.

The past two days have had their challenges but all things are running smoothly.

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