Water fast day 16

August 31, 2017 The last day of the water fast. I can tell I’ve lost weight but since I wasn’t keeping track of my weight I don’t know how much.

I felt good today. I bought a yellow flesh watermelon and a young Thai coconut to break my fast. I’m going to start my day with coconut water and eat some watermelon.

This time when I break this fast I’m going to pay attention to my hunger and eat until I’m satisfied instead of eating because I haven’t eaten in a while.

Tomorrow starts the 30 day fruit feast. I’m looking forward to eating some of my favorite fruits and trying new ones.

What I’ve learned from this fast:

  • Rest is very important if you’re going to do an extended fast
  • It’s important to have an enema or colonic to remove toxins 
  • Emotional stress can interfere with healing 

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