Breaking my water fast, the aftermath 

I did a 16 day water fast from August 16th-31st. I had done a 9 day water fast in June and I broke the fast with salty dry foods and I ended up on a month long cooked food run.

I promised myself that this time I would break my fast in a healthy safe way.  It didn’t happen and I have to take a trip to the doctors office as a result.

The first day after my fast I drank coconut water and ate some watermelon. The second day I was attending my sister’s bridal shower. It was being held at a restaurant and I debated whether I would bring my own food or order a salad off their menu. Not to look like the odd man out, I decided to order a salad with no dressing. The salad was small and it had olives on it. I love olives but they are salty little devils!

I was still hungry after leaving the shower and instead of eating some fruit I ordered an avocado salad from my favorite Ethiopian restaurant. I ate the whole thing despite the fact I was full after a few bites. 

I tried to do better and ate mostly fruit the next day, but my savory senses had been turned on and I was back to salty food. I made a raw vegan ceviche using hearts of palm, red and yellow peppers, jalapeño, olives and red onion. I bought some dehydrated crackers and went to town. This is what I ate for three days straight. 

A couple of days later, I woke up like this:

Needless to say I was concerned and I tried to drink more water, but knowing I had messed up again breaking my fast, I got depressed and turned to food for comfort and punishment. 14 days after breaking my fast my body started to retain fluid. I swole up from my face to my feet. My legs are tight and heavy, my side is hurting and my stomach is distended.

I feel horrible and I am so mad at myself for letting this happen. I now have to visit the doctor to make sure I didn’t do any serious damage to my body.

My sister’s wedding is this Sunday. I’m a bridesmaid and my dress doesn’t fit and my feet are so swollen I can’t get them in my shoes. 

My lessons learned: 

  • Breaking a fast is as important if not more important than the fast itself. 
  • Food addiction is real. 
  • I have to learn another coping mechanism for my emotions.

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  1. I think orthorexic tendencies often come about from unnecessary diet restrictions (like avoiding natural sources of salts or sugars), and I know doing this even mildly can lead to metabolic damage (as well as binges, because the brain needs proper nourishment to sustain it’s function!).

    A whole foods plant-based diet is what I would do if I were you, in order to restore health and get to your ideal body weight (I don’t recommend fasting since it makes the body think famine is occurring, and thus causes it to gain as much weight as possible when the eating begins again, and stores it as to keep out of starvation in future famine).

    I know about a TON of health conscious vegan YouTubers that educate on sustainable diet if you’re interested, so don’t be a stranger if ever you need a bit of help! We’re all in this together trying to figure it out:)


    1. I do follow a high raw vegan diet and have lost over 61 pounds, so losing weight wasn’t the focus of my fast. I appreciate your perspective and insight. I think what I’m struggling with is fully raw vegan may not be for me at this time. I’ve been vegan for 6 years. Progress not perfection. Thanks


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